Werner Berger, Climbing Mt. Everest, and Being Fit

This past weekend (February 18-21, 2010) I had the most extraordinary experience. I was blessed to be on a business team that won an all expense paid trip to Phoenix, Arizona. We stayed at the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. I would highly recommend this resort. The beauty was breathtaking. We were able to meet up with friends on our business team, and also I saw Sylvia, a nurse that I worked with in North Carolina that had moved to Phoenix a few years ago. Mike and I also saw friends, Jim and Pam, that we had not seen in over 23 years.


The conference was presented Friday by Robert Allen, a best selling author, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Werner Berger was there. He is the oldest North American to have reached the Summit of not only Mount Everest, but 7 Summits around the world. He is 71. He is also one of the most fit human being for his age I have ever seen. He looked so much younger. I want to thank Usana Health Sciences, for this is the company I believe in, and the company that made our trip possible. Thank you, Usana! I was amazed at the vibrancy and vitality of Werner Berger. He is an inspiration to me. They showed a clip of his climb to Mt. Everest. When I saw this tremendous feat, a realization hit me. I have no excuses. If this man can accomplish such an awesome task, what is my hold back? I have no answer to that question. How amazing it would be to even go to base camp. He invited me to do that, actually. I had my picture taken with him. He wants me to train to go to base camp in 2011. I need to look into that.


Not sure what it would take for me to do that. Even as I try to eat healthy, I know at this point, I do not have the stamina to do this. But I could. So I am putting out a challenge. To myself, and to you. Can you challenge yourself to do something you don't think you have the physical ability to do right now, and then train to do it? Do you want to run a marathon? I am not sure that I will go to base camp. What I want to train for is to know that I would be fit enough to do it. That journey starts today. Not only will I be eating low glycemic, but I am going to research what I need to do to become more physically fit. Will you join me? Let me know what it is you want to do or accomplish. I would love to cheer you on in your journey, as you cheer me on!